maternity favorites - may

yesterday I hit the 20 week mark, which means I'm halfway through this pregnancy! 

where. did. the. time. go ?!?!?!?!

in these past 20 weeks, I've found some great products that have been getting me through this pregnancy, so I wanted to finally share a few of them! 

and in terms of maternity clothes, although I haven't truly popped yet, I've been wearing maternity clothing for a few weeks now - it's just so much more comfortable, flattering, and feels much more supportive. my advice now having gone halfway through a pregnancy is this: buy it. you're going to grow into it more as your belly expands, but why not be comfortable WHILE it grows?! also, maternity clothes show off your bump more, which is fun! I'd say I started wearing maternity clothes around 15 weeks, when it was really hard to button my pants.

for the boobies

pregnancy boob tube bust protection cream by Mama Mio 

I am obsessed with this stuff. it has seriously transformed my décolletage. my neck and breast area looks visibly firmer and the skin is softer. you feel instantly better after putting it on. after pregnancy, I'm going to continue to use this cream - I wish I had known about it sooner! 

for the belly

tummy butter by the spoiled mama

if you haven't read my post about stretch marks, it's something I'm prone to, so I've been slathering on this tummy butter. it feels great, but does have a funky smell to it (or maybe that's the pregnancy nose) and it's non-toxic. it's thick and creamy and feels so nice on - and I can feel it all day long, until I reapply at night. my skin feels more elastic.

prenatal vitamin

garden of life prenatal multivitamin

the moment I found out I was pregnant, I bought these on Amazon and bought the above tummy butter. it's vegetarian, which was really important to me - but it's not a one-a-day, you have to take 1 pill 3 times a day.

favorite maternity jeans

I haven't dabbled too much just yet, but I'm obsessed with these jeans by Ingrid & Isabel with a crossover panel. they feel so, so, so supportive. and I love rolling up the bottoms and wearing with booties - and look forward to pairing them with wedges.

if you're looking for something a little less heavy duty, I love these full panel maternity jeans from GAP - they don't give your belly as much support, but they feel lighter weight and are a great option!

favorite everyday shirt

solid crew tee by GAP

I literally have bought this in every single color (well, not every, but most) - it is SO comfortable, so flattering (#sideruching), and light enough that you can wear it year-round.

favorite maternity bra 

I actually have not purchased a maternity bra yet! I've tried a bunch and I haven't found one that works well for me, so I will keep you posted. what I did do is order up in my sports bras and my regular, everyday bra. 

my favorite sports bra by panache
my everyday bra by wacoal

favorite workout leggings

active knee pant crossover panel by ingrid & isabel

I can't even do these justice. just like ingrid & isabel's denim, these leggings offer SO much support and are thick and supportive. I wear them around the house, running errands, and of course, to the gym. can't recommend them more! 

favorite pregnancy app

I've been using The Bump app

favorite cami

best loved cami by express (not maternity)

I'm sure the larger I get, this cami won't work anymore, but for now, it's the BEST. I owned it before my pregnancy and never wore it that much and now, I wear it every single day. it just keeps everything tucked in and gives me an extra layer around my belly to keep it firmer. it makes tighter tops more flattering, too! 

and that's pretty much it for now! does anyone have any questions of products that perhaps I didn't think to include here? I'm happy to share - just leave a note and I'll get back to you!