baby registry must-haves for the newborn


I've been meaning to put together this post for a while, since I'm out of the newborn stage (I can't believe I'm already in the 'infant' stage!) and now can vouch for registry must-haves. there are so many things I registered for that I didn't need to, because Luca didn't need them right away, things I registered for too many of and wish I had waited until the baby was here, and also, of course, things I registered for that I use everyday and am so thankful for.

this list doesn't include the obvious like diapers, baby wash, crib sheets, etc. this list includes products you may be debating over or might not have thought to add to your list (I'm pretty sure you have a crib, changing table, and crib sheets on your registry list!) if you have other questions on other baby registry items, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to respond! 

the list

1. dockatot: when Luca was first born (I'd say, for the first 6 weeks), he was always in this. he slept in this next to me all the time (while I was binge watching Netflix). I couldn't have lived without it - it was a safe spot to put the baby down when I needed to do something, like get changed, brush my teeth, or make lunch. now, we use it when we bathe the baby - we put a towel in it and use it to transfer him from tub to towel. he loves it!

2. fisher price rock n play: while this was key in the beginning for daytime naps (and night time!), he's outgrown that stage (since he hates being on his back), but we still use it during the day for playtime - with this little mobile attached to the top! we can read books to him in it and rock him to keep him soothed.

3. baby shusher: OMGGG. life saver. when Luca was fussy in the early days, I'd rock him in my arms with the shusher on (or put him in the rock n play) and he'd pass right out. now, I put it in the crib when I put him down and leave the room, and 5 minutes later, he's in a deep sleep. it's lovely. and travel friendly!

4. zip-up onesies: I literally buy new zip-up onesies every time GAP has a 40% sale (which is like, every other week haha). with a newborn, you don't want to fumble in the middle of the night with clasps and buttons - you want changing to be quick and easy, so you don't frustrate the baby. these are way I sleep Luca in every single night! 

5. wipes warmer: this is something that I wish I had registered for, but I didn't, so I had to buy it later. everyone said "oh, it's a waste of money!" BUT it's not, especially if you have a winter baby - Luca used to scream when I'd change him in the middle of the night and then I got a wipes warmer and no more screams! I think he didn't like the shocking cold of the wipes (who would?!)

6. polka dot swaddle blanket: sooo I SUCKED at swaddling. I sucked so much that I ended up using Halo Swaddle Me swaddle sacks, because I couldn't figure it out. THEN, I pulled out this blanket that I think I got at an event and it's made of a perfect material - stretchy enough to tuck tightly in a swaddle. it's literally the only blanket I was able to swaddle Luca with! I use it now just as a light blanket to put over him while he naps.

7. aden and anais burp cloths: I'm putting these on even though it's an obvious one, because if you have a baby that spits up a lot, these are life savers - they're long enough to go over your whole shoulder, they're super absorbent, and they're cute! I have probably 12 of these, haha! 

8. baby bjorn bouncer: Luca started using this around 6 weeks, so it's not a necessity for newborns, but just want to put it on your radar - he LOVES it and we are so happy we registered for it, because once the time came, we had it. I use this every single day - it's a great place to put the baby down so he's safe - I'll put him in the kitchen while I cook and he just watches me walk around and I talk to him and he's happy! 

9. crib mobile: it's hard to select a mobile - there are just so many out there! a friend recommended this and a few of you have bought this from my recommendation and it seems to work for everyone! Luca loves it - it has so many settings depending on what you want it for (soothing, play time, etc).

10. play mat: Luca's getting a little too old for this now, it's not stimulating enough, but for the first 10 weeks for play time and tummy time, we loved this! it's super portable and there's plenty going on to stimulate the baby.

11. boppy pillow: after using both the my breast friend pillow and the boppy, I like the boppy the best. the my breast friend is a little cumbersome and the boppy is just more comfortable. this is the one I use now!

12. ergobaby carrier: another lifesaver item - something we use every time we leave the house! Luca loves being carried in this and in the beginning, when I couldn't get him to nap, I'd just strap him in and wear him until he fell asleep, then lay down on the couch, unclip him, and he'd stay asleep on me. THE BEST. I actually miss those days! now, we use it when we go into stores and go for short walks, especially if it's around nap time. I look forward to using it for breastfeeding soon!

13.  ergobaby infant insert: you'll need this for the little baby with the ergobaby carrier!

14. lansinoh soothies: if you try to breastfeed, you may experience what many mamas experience - terrible nipple pain! like, cracking nipples. oh, gosh, I don't miss this at all! this was definitely the worst part about newborn life. these were incredible. after breastfeeding, I'd put them on my nipples for immediate pain relief and leave them on until the next time I nursed. I'd put on nipple cream too and they'd still adhere, because they're big enough. the best.

15. uppababy vista stroller: can't say enough great things about this stroller! so much storage space, easy to travel with (it folds up well!) and sturdy for city streets! Luca loved the bassinet, he slept in it so well. 

16. Motorola baby monitor: we use this baby monitor for when we're home in the apartment. it's a great monitor, but the battery life kinda stinks. however, we always keep it plugged in, so it's rarely an issue. I love it, you can zoom in and move left/right with buttons on the monitor.

17. nest camera: call me crazy, but we have another baby monitor. I like to have this monitor for when we're out of the apartment. say, my mother is watching the baby, or one day, a nanny. I like to be able to check in and see how the baby's doing! this camera is incredible - AND you can speak to someone through your phone and the camera.

18. stroller caddy: although the uppababy has great storage below, you need a stroller caddy for quick grab items. this is the BEST stroller caddy! 

19. diaper bag: I have a few diaper bags, but my favorite so far is the Leaderbag Co diaper bag. it's easy to organize, comfortable to wear as a backpack, and totally fashionable. it has great neat compartments, I'm really love it. you can see me sporting it here.

20. diaper trash bags: you wouldn't think to register for something like this, that's why I'm putting this on the list. when you change the baby on the go, you need garbage bags and they can get lost in a big diaper bag. I love having them on a hook like this for quick and easy (and cute!) access.

21. NoseFrida: I use this every day! especially in NJ where it's so dry, I use this to get his snot out and it works like a charm. easy to use! can't say enough good things about it.

22. Fridababy Windi: I'm putting this one on here because when Luca hit his extremely gassy stage (at around 4-6 weeks), we used these twice and it literally saved the day. he was so fussy, screaming uncontrollably, because he couldn't pass gas. one use of the Windi and he literally smiled after! it saved us in two scary situations and for that, I'm putting it on the registry list.

23. baby bath tub: I read so many reviews on bath tubs and I'm so glad I got this one! especially when Luca was tiny, the infant insert works so well keeping him safe. he loves his bath! 

24. wabi bottle sterilizer + dryer: I love how easy to use this is - after I pump, I put all my pump parts in here and just sterilize! no waiting for boiling water to boil, no bringing out pots and pans. this lives on my counter, and I use it for pumping - and when we use the occasional bottle. if you're someone who bottle feeds, this would be a lifesaver too!