a flowy dress for those hot summer days

Dress / Suede Mules / Earrings

I can't decide when is the best time to be pregnant. since I've only been pregnant once, I only know what I'm experiencing right now. HOTNESS.

it's hot in the summer here in the NYC area. it's muggy, humid, and lots of hot Subway fumes. I'm sweating wherever I go, constantly. 

HOWEVER, I do get to wear dresses all the time, so that means it's easy to get dressed, I don't need to sit down and pull on a million layers (like socks and boots) and I can wear light, breathable fabrics. 

I have this go-to flowy dress that I've been wearing in this pregnancy that's super flattering, comfortable, and is that perfect balance of feminine and 'I want to stay in my PJs all day' relaxed. I don't love sheath dresses, because they tend to not flatter my shape properly, but the seams and floppiness of this dress make it shapely - especially when the wind blows and it clings to my bump! 

I've been wearing it for lazy weeknight date nights and on the weekends running errands, with a pair of white sneakers - it can be dressed up or down! 

Photos by Erin Dwyer