what I'm into right now - 3.6.17

this weekend....

...Friday, I was beat. it was a long week of work, so when Friday rolled around, I was beat. Lu and I rented "Hell or High Water" on TV and I made it through about half the movie. Chris Pine, you're cute, but not cute enough. I think I was asleep by 10pm. 

...Saturday started with my weekly yoga class that I'm really loving in Jersey City. my sister, Lu and I all went to the yoga class together (yes, Lu has been coming with me the past two times!) afterwards, we met up with my sister's fiancΓ©, Ben, and we had brunch at a local spot called Beechwood. we walked home and then my sister and I met for a manicure. then, we met back up with the boys and my friend Sarah and her fiancΓ© to go into the city. we went to The Standard's Wintergarden in the East Village where we reserved a Yurt. it was hilarious, fun, and delicious (hello, pretzel bites dipped in fondue!) If you live in NYC, I highly recommend it. after that, we met up with some friends at a nearby bar. by 8:30pm, needless to say, we were all exhausted, so we cabbed it back to Jersey City. then, Ben & Felicia came over to our apartment and we hung out for a few hours until I literally woke up on the couch with everyone sleeping around me and said, "I think it's time for bed!" haha. CRAAAAZY Saturday night.

...Sunday, I literally worked all day long. in the morning, Lu and I had breakfast and booked a trip for June. I am SO, SO excited - we're going to Hawaii!!! we're staying in Maui, so please send all of your tips my way! I finished work at about 6pm, made dinner (my Split Pea Cauliflower Curry) and then we watched our Sunday shows - Big Little Lies, GIRLS, and Crashing. perfect way to end the day after writing recipes all day long (literally from 11am - 6pm.)

what I'm into RN...

I need to try these double chocolate black bean brownies.

this dress looks perfect for a weekend getaway this summer. 

this heart-wrenching/warming piece from a woman who urges women to marry her husband. read to see why.

is it too early to start shopping for spring slides?

I bought these travel packets of the collagen peptides I take to bring with me on the go. great for stirring into tea, coffee, or even just water!

see you next week!