what I'm into right now - 2.7.17

this weekend....

...Friday was tough. it was the day of my grandfather's funeral. after the mass, we went to a luncheon in my hometown (where the mass was held.) after that, we went to my grandmother's house and spent the rest of the day/night with her and family. it was heart-breaking, but always better when loved ones are around.

...Saturday, my sister and her fiancé came over and we worked out in our gym (did a Peloton Cycle ride!) after that, Lu and I had a productive day. we cleaned the apartment and then headed into NYC for some errands - returns, bought some coffee, Lu got some dress shirts for a work trip he's on right now, and then we went to my recent obsession, Brodo in the West Village for some bone broth (I get the chicken broth with ginger and garlic.) 

...Sunday, was a lazy day. aside from the workout, we basically hung out and prepped for Super Bowl Sunday. my sister had us over her apartment for the game, so I made guacamole (my family loves my guac!) it was my mother, my father, Lu, me, my sister, her fiancé and her fiancé's parents, and my two friends Cassidy and Shannon. Lady Gaga crushed it. still can't believe the body shaming, but alas, that's our society! after that (and way too many cookies), we went home and passed out! 

what I'm into RN...

tried to get into Santa Clarita Diet yesterday, but, it's a little too far out-there for me, and I find the acting too hokey.

I switched over to non-toxic skincare and beauty (I'm about 90% of the way there), and I'm loving it. my favorite right now is this body firming moisturizer by Eminence.

just bought this mesh bodysuit to wear under cropped sweaters. am I crazy?

I laughed out loud during this Super Bowl commercial. I feel like Lu is my Mr. Clean. I'm DYING re-watching it.

my latest guilty pleasure: the him and her podcast by lauryn from the skinny confidential

see you next week!