currently in my shopping cart

happy friday!

happy unofficial beginning of fall (I type this as its 90 degrees outside). I've been so excited about fall, that I've been buying some key pieces (like a lot of bell sleeves, over-the-knee boots and mock neck sweaters, for instance.) I can't wait to wear everything malbec colored! 

while I'm definitely an impulse buyer, there are certain times when I add a bunch of items to my shopping carts and then realize the total cart amount is just way too high, so I close out the browser and rely on the abandoned cart automated e-mails from those retailers.

I know. I totally take the click bait. 

I was going through my emails recently and doing my bi-monthly purge, where I unsubscribe from a bunch of newsletters and automated message services. it's absolutely purifying! anyway, while I was doing that, I was noticing all these abandoned carts, and of course - THEY GOT ME AGAIN - I bought a few items.

here's what's been haunting my Inbox lately: