a bit about my style journey

that's me and my mom! isn't she the cutest with her Inspiralized tote bag?

lately, I've been making a real effort to find my style. it's been quite a journey. I think all personal styles are dictated by our current body size and with that, our levels of body confidence. if you look in my closet, you'll see all ranges of sizes and they weren't all for varying weights. they were for varying stages of body confidence.

for example, chunky sweaters rarely look good on me. it has taken me 29 years to realize that having a big chest seriously limits you in terms of trends. it took me 29 years to realize, "hey, ali, just because a 6'2" 110 pound model with no chest looks great in a flowy tunic, doesn't mean it's going to look good on you!" 

now, I'm finally starting to find a maintainable style that feels very, well, ALI! but that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the past year and a half "fit journey" that I've been on that has truly resulted in some positive body imagery and a happy, healthy weight that I want to dress well, because I'm proud of my body.

I've never been a tight-fitting clothing type of gal, and I realized why: I had very little body confidence. even at my lowest weight my senior year in college (I'm 5'7.5" and I weighed 128 pounds - eek!), I wore flowy tops. every little dimple or bump would make me wildly insecure, so I'd always buy the wrong styles for my body. 

unfortunately, that's the WORST thing for me. flowy = no bueno.

long story short, you may see a lot more outfit and style posts on this newly created blog of mine. let's start off with a few of my recent purchases that I'm loving and reflect my style:

what has your style journey been like?