after a little over two years of food blogging over at (my baby, my passion, my dream), I decided that I had more to share than just spiralized recipes. like any average woman in her 20s (ehem - millennial woman), I had this urge to share my life with those who were following along in my dream for Inspiralized.

when I took a trip, I loved snapping photos of the gorgeous places I was visiting. when I got married, I couldn't help but post the special pictures of us, becoming husband and wife. when I found the perfect pair of nude heels, I just had to share, in hopes that it would help another girl like myself fill that fashion void. if I perfected a cauliflower rice dinner bowl, I wanted to share, but I'd always get asked in the comments, "what's the recipe?" 

I found myself about to post a photo that wasn't of a bowl of veggie noodles and I'd hit cancel, because I didn't want to turn away those who were following my Inspiralized instagram strictly for what I had promised: everything spiralized.

in an attempt to not flood my Inspiralized instagram with personal photos and in an effort to have an outlet to share more about the woman beyond Inspiralized, I decided to start a personal Instagram, @alissandrab and this lifestyle blog.

if you're wondering why I use some of my wedding photos on this blog, it's because I'm a newlywed! I married the love of my life on june 20, 2015 in new jersey. for a wedding recap, read part 1, 2 and 3.

I'm new at this lifestyle blog thing, so if you have any suggestions or there's anything you're curious about, please send me an e-mail. if you know me from Inspiralized, welcome - and thanks for following me here!

about the blog

what do all the different categories stand for? here's a quick guide:

stylish: fashion, accessories and general style - tailored for the average girl 

nourished: nourishment of the mind, body and soul (think not only recipes, but book reviews and ramblings on life)

fit: anything to do with fitness and building that healthy heart from every last bead of sweat!

traveled: traveling's a passion of mine, so you'll find my travel guides & adventure postings here

beautiful: as I enter my late 20s, this has been something I've spent more time on - taking care of my skin and using the best products to enhance natural beauty!

successful: being an entrepreneur is exciting and scary, but totally worth it - here, you'll find my business oriented thoughts.